A photo of a determined raccoon won MS-Sportsman.com user Jarrod Cox the first round of the Trail Cam Contest.

"Wife thought it was cute; I think it's the last time," Cox wrote in his entry.

Cox, known as 'thrower271' on the reports forum, will receive a complimentary one-year Mississippi Sportsman magazine subscription and a $25 gift coupon to the online Sportsman Store.

His entry beat out two other finalists entered by users "brotherreen" and "madn95sniper."

Brotherreen (known to his friends as Rene Larriviere) entered a photo of a treat 8-point buck captured last year.

"Never saw him again," Larriviere wrote.

New user madn95sniper uploaded a photo captured on July 5 of a trophy near a mineral lick. The deer has three main beams.

"I call this (deer) Excalibur because of the second main beam (on the left side)," madn95sniper wrote.

The Trail Cam Contest continues through Dec. 31, and is open to all registered members of the MS-Sportsman.com reports forum.

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