John Harrison and Kent Driscoll won the Magnolia Crappie Club State Championship with a two-day total of 23.68 pounds during the Sept. 16-17 event. The tournament was held on Grenada Lake.

The team jumped from a day-one position of 16th place, adding 14.12 pounds to their first-day weight of 9.56 pounds.

Harrison and Kent fished the northeast side of Grenada Lake above Youngs Landing – an area in which they hadn't scouted and hadn't even fished for months.

The area had deep underwater stumps and brush piles off the river, and it was full of big crappie. Harrison and Kent fished 11 feet deep in 16 feet of water, using extra-large minnows to put their winning catches together.

The pair of anglers also finished second in the Big Momma Open Tournament with their 2.31-pound anchor fish.

Four of their fish measured longer than 17 inches.

Harrison said after the first-day weigh-in that he was ready to swing for the fences.

"I'll be a zero or a hero," he said. "I'm going for broke."

The Magnolia Crappie Club's 2011-12 season begins Oct. 22 at Arkatutla Lake.