It's time to choose the final winner of the 2011-12 Big Buck Photo Contest, which ended with the close of the hunting season.

Voting continues until Monday, with the winner coming from the four images chosen for the final round by site administrators.

The winner will receive a $25 gift coupon to the online Sportsman Store and a free one-year subscription to Mississippi Sportsman magazine.

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Included in this voting session is an image uploaded by user Dedicated Dad showing 10-year-old Mason with a monster buck ghat has been green scored at more than 162 inches.

"We had gotten a couple of pics of this deer in 2010, but never got to see him," Dedicated Dad wrote of the big animal. "With weather conditions perfect, we ran from the school house as fast as we could, got set up and (the deer) walked into a food plot at 5 p.m."

Bozeman made the voting session by uploading a photo of Swayze Bozeman and a 164-inch buck the youngster killed.

"Swayze's first words after a big WHOOHOO was, 'He's bigger than I thought he was,'" H. Bozeman wrote.

Another choice in the contest is a huge 11-point posted by user goingdeep1997. The buck was killed on Feb. 3 in the Coast Region.

The smile says it all in the photo posted by user BeauxDawg.

"I was hunting a CRP field without lanes," BeauxDawg wrote of hunt during which he killed the mature buck in the photo. "He pushed a doe out, and I got ready. When he stepped out, I knew he was a mature buck so I squeezed the trigger."

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