Howard Miller was a natural born hunter and overall great conservationist. He served as a state wildlife commissioner for a number of years, and was highly respected for the wildlife support he gave to hunters in Mississippi.

His namesake Howard Miller Wildlife Management Area lies in Issaquena County near Rolling Fork, and is considered a top public waterfowl hunting location in Mississippi. . The property is a natural waterfowl sanctuary, with ideal habitat to attract and hold ducks and geese.

This WMA totals 2,400 acres of land that was formally farmed in rice and soybeans. There are 48 fields separated by levees and ditches. The property is now laid out in 24 hunting units of about 80 acres each.

The WMA also maintains 420 acres as a permanent wildlife sanctuary.

Hunting on Howard Miller is conducted by preseason draws, as well as stand-by chances to hunt when other hunters do not show up.

Inquiries and questions can be directed to the WMA manager Bryan Williamson at 601-661-0294.

Waterfowl hunting is typically allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To reach Howard Miller WMA, go five miles west on Highway 14 from Rolling Fork on U.S. Highway 61 north of Vicksburg. Turn left at the intersection with Highway 1, and follow the paved road four and a half miles, then turn left on Grant Road. Go another three miles to the WMA Headquarters.

During the 2011-12 waterfowl season, duck harvest was recorded at 3361 ducks. Most of these were teal, but a large number of mallards were taken, as well.

The man-days of hunter activity were noted at 1,106 days, with a daily harvest of 2.948 ducks per hunter.