With opening day rapidly approaching, stands are still available in at least three of the seven fields in the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks’ Private Land Dove Hunting Program.

The three available fields are in Kemper, Pearl River and Rankin counties, according to MDWFP media releases issued on Monday.

Mississippi’s dove season opens at 2 p.m. Sunday in both the North and South Zones. The North Zone’s first season is open through Sept. 22, while the South Zone’s first season is open through Sept. 9.

Both the Kemper and Rankin fields are in the North Zone, while the Pearl River field is in the South. Single field permits are $100. For each field, hunting will be allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays during the first two seasons in the appropriate zones (the second seasons are Oct. 5-Nov. 4 in the South and Oct. 12-Nov. 4 in the North).

“Dove hunting is very popular; however, the MDWFP has recognized that having access to properly prepared, family friendly dove fields can be difficult for people to find,” said program leader Scott Baker. “The MDWFP has partnered with a local farmer to make fields available for hunters. Our goal is to have a safe field that offers good hunting for the entire family to enjoy.” 

According to Baker, the Kemper field has historically been one of the best in the program. It is a 92-acre browntop millet field located east of Scooba. 

“The Kemper County field has been in our program since 2005 and as many as 700 doves have been harvested on an opening weekend,” Baker said.

The Rankin County field is another browntop millet field scheduled for cutting into hay prior to opening day. The field is 63 acres and is located in the Monterey Community.

In Pearl River County, hunters will find a 90-acre field of corn and millet just south and east of Lumberton.

For more information, including maps with stand locations, visit mdwfp.com and look for the Private Land Dove Program on the site’s home page. Permits must be ordered online at the mdwfp.com site.