For archery hunters in Southeast Mississippi who thought they suddenly got 15 more days of deer season, the answer is quite clear:

No, you didn’t. It was just a typographical error, or a “typo” as it is called in the publishing industry.

The archery deer season in the state’s Southeast Zone opens on Oct. 15, not on Oct. 1 as printed in a publication from the state wildlife agency.

Officials at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks confirmed on Tuesday (Aug. 27) that the Mississippi Outdoor Digest 2013-2014 is in error and the agency has begun “damage control” steps.

The Digest is an annual publication distributed throughout the state, including being shipped to the many license agents. When they arrived at sporting good shops on Monday, the discrepancy was noticed, especially in the Southeast Zone.

Mississippi is divided into three deer zones: Hill, Delta and Southeast. The archery season in the Hill and Delta zones opens on Oct. 1. The Southeast was adjusted several years ago to open on Oct. 15. To offset the delayed opening, the closing of the final deer season was moved from Jan. 31 to Feb. 15. The other two zones close Jan. 31.

Mating season for deer, or rut, happens much later in the Southeast and the shift gives hunters maximum coverage of that peak time for hunting.