Dan Robinson spent a lot of Saturday afternoon in a ground blind with young Waylon Moss, watching about 30 deer walk in and out of a big field on Robinson’s Anevay Farm in Bolton.

“They were nearly all the way across the field and we were hoping they would come closer,” said Robinson, one of the many volunteer hosts who helped youngsters with disabilities enjoy a weekend of hunting at the hunt sponsored by the Foundation for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

“He kept telling me, ‘if they don’t come any closer, I can make that shot,’” Robinson said. “I kept telling him it’s a long way, son. He was using his grandfather’s cherished .270 rifle and he kept saying he could make it.”

One of the deer was a buck, a 6-pointer, and it had Moss’ eye and his interest, and right before sunset Robinson decided to let the young man from Big Point, Miss., prove his marksmanship.

“He’s a smart young man,” Robinson said. “He said ‘I’m going to use the front of the blind for a gun rest, and lean up against the back of the blind for an anchor point and I’ll lock down on him.’

“At 300 yards, one shot, he dropped him like a sack of potatoes. I slapped him on the back, and told him ‘you darn sure did it’ and it was a pretty special moment.”

It was the kind of moment that took place throughout Mississippi during the Super Hunt. The event had 70 physically challenged youngsters hunting on 25 different properties, and 54 deer were taken. Several hundred volunteers participated.

At Robinson’s hunt at Anevay, six youngsters took four deer and made many good friends.

“We only had the six hunters, but we also entertained Super Hunt hunters from nearby properties and got them all together for a big dinner,” Robinson said. “We try to make it as special as we can, you know a big event these kids will remember. Hey, it’s one we all will remember. I think we ended up with over 60 people at our place alone. That was pretty special.

“I find it interesting that the most used adjective in describing the Super Hunt is ‘blessed.’ I have to agree. We are all blessed. That one word sums it up best.”