Back in October, when this website reported on Doug Borries’ new state fly fishing record for barracuda, the Ocean Springs angler said he’d soon have another one certified.

He was right.

This week, the Department of Marine Resources announced that Borries’ 26-pound, 9-ounce red snapper caught on Oct. 13 has been accepted as the new state record on a fly. The record he broke was his own.

Borries has set 19 state records on a fly, and currently holds 14. His first record was a white trout in 2007. Since then he has added amberjack, barracuda, bluefish, yellow chub, rock hind, king mackerel, blacktip shark, finetooth shark, gray snapper, lane snapper, red snapper, vermillion snapper and the yellowfin tuna.

“The red snapper is the first time I have broken my own record,” said Borries, an avid sportsman who is the host on a TV show, Dynamic Outdoors, and a hunting and fishing guide. “All those things I do give me a lot of opportunities to pack a fly rod and get in some fishing.”

DMR certified another fly fishing record this week, a 9-pound, 7.88-ounce dolphin caught by Reed Guice on Oct. 16.

DMR also certified two conventional tackle records. Cecily O’Brien of Pascagoula caught an 11-pound, 3.96-ounce gray triggerfish on Oct. 12, and Hyler Krebs of Pascagoula caught a 12.64-ounce spotfin hogfish on Oct. 9.