Like most 10-year-old kids this one likes to ride his bike through mud and eat Shipley’s Do-Nuts with his granddad, Bill. But mostly Christian Michael Lancaster is crazy about deer hunting. That is not an understatement either.  

Since the first time this young outdoorsman came into my office at work, all he could do was talk about hunting and fishing. He would marvel at the outdoor pursuit photos on my wall and ask a thousand questions. That is not an understatement either. 

“I can’t wait to get my own deer rifle, Mr. John," Christian blurted out. "What do you think I ought to get?”

Before I could even respond in kind he would launch off on a dissertation about this rifle or that one and what “shell” it ought to use to kill a deer. 

Apparently Christian Michael is also a prolific reader of anything outdoors. Anything but homework his granddad says. So I send him all of my outdoor magazines when I’m done bending the page corners. He absorbs it all like a sponge I’m told.

Well, Christian Michael finally got his wish, both of them. For Christmas his mom Ashley and step dad Papa Sonny Pell bought him a Ruger MK77 youth model chambered for the 7mm-08. An excellent choice it was along with a box of Remington 140 grain Core-Lokt ammo. He was set. 

On Saturday, Jan. 25, hunting in a stand with Papa Sonny on family property in Pattison east of Port Gibson, at 8:25 a.m. out runs a doe with a buck following in hot pursuit. 

“I put the scope crosshairs right on the side of the buck where I was taught to do and squeezed the trigger,” Christian said. 

The Core-Lokt went right through the shoulder doing its job.  

The 10-point buck has green scored 144 with a 17-inch inside spread, 23 ¼-inch main beam on one side and 22 ½-inch on the other. The antler bases measured 5 ¼ inches. The buck stretched the scales at 210 pounds.  

As his mom Ashley stated, “This is the biggest deer Christian has ever killed.” 

Indeed. It may be a long time before he repeats this one, but I bet he keeps on trying. 

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