Feel free to fish in Mississippi this weekend. No really: Go ahead and enjoy a day on a nearby lake or even the Gulf of Mexico.

The state’s Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and the Department of Marine Resources have proclaimed June 7-8, Saturday and Sunday, as free fishing days in state waters. No fishing license will be required of any one wanting to test the waters.

In addition, July 4 will also be free in both inland and marine waters.

Both agencies are allowing the opportunity as part of the National Fishing and Boating Week, which begins on Saturday.

Normal limits and regulations will apply.

Any other day, saltwater licenses are required anytime fishermen go south of I-10 in the three coastal counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson. Freshwater licenses are necessary above I-10. All people aged 16 to 64 are required to have a license when fishing, unless exempt by disability.

For more information on saltwater fishing, visit the Department of Marine Resources online at www.dmr.ms.gov.

For more information on freshwater fishing, visit the Department of Wildife, Fisheries and Parks’ website.