Hunting is often described by the unitiated as an act perpetrated on innocent animals. And, well, we do hide in trees and wait for deer to meander into our sights. Fun and productive, but it's not all that dangerous to the hunter, unless he happens to fall from his perch.

And then there's hog hunting. Unless you are lucky enough to be in a tree when a hog walks out, you just never know what will happen — as this video so aptly shows.

Wild hogs are 1) unpredictable and 2) dangerous as hell.

Watch the guy at the 18-secon mark of this vid: He's being driven out of the woods by a sizeable hog, which quickly bowls the man over before trying to escape. That hunter, impressively, put the pig down with a point-blank shot while rolling around on the ground.

Or the bow hunter at the 28-second mark that is standing in a wet field steadying for a shot on a boar — until the pig charged. That hunter missed and had to fend off the marauding beast with his bow. And then go to the hospital to get his hand repaired.

Yep, wild pigs might look like hoofed tanks that would be hard pressed to maneauver quickly, but if you ask any of the hunters in this video, they would likely take issue with that.

Stand and face these beasts, and often you pay the price of a hospital visit and stitches.