Read the instructions below, then watch the accompanying video for great step-by-step visuals.

Today, we go over the the non-slip loop knot, which is used to attach lures and jigheads to your line.

The loop allows the lure to move freely, and is perfect for crankbaits or topwater baits that need a lot of side-to-side action.

Remember to always moisten your line before pulling tight. 

Here’s how to tie a non-slip loop knot:

1. Make an overhand knot in the line about 10 inches from the tag end.

2. Take the tag end of the line and pass it through the eye of the hook or lure.

3. Pass the tag end through the loop of the overhand knot.

4. Wrap tag end around line 5 or 6 times.

5. Bring tag end back through overhand knot on the same side it exited.

6. Moisten the knot and pull slowly on the tag end.

7. Pull loop and mainline in opposite directions to cinch down the knot. Clip the tag end.