When Magnolia Records began, Rick Dillard saw some clear potential for the tracking and cataloguing of the best white-tailed bucks killed in Mississippi.

But, little did he know just how big it would become, and that the program would publish its second book in 2014.

Magnolia Records: Mississippi’s Best Bucks, Volume 2 is now available, and it features over 200 of the best deer scored. It lists all typical bucks scoring over 160 inches and non-typical bucks exceeding 165 inches.

Simply put, there was no way to put every buck in one book, so Dillard said the easy choice was featuring the best of the best of what Mississippi deer hunting has to offer.

“I had no idea we’d get to this point this fast,” said Dillard, a biologist with the U.S. Forest Service in Mississippi and a co-founder and driving force behind Magnolia Records. “We now have over 7,500 deer scored and accepted into the program, and obviously we can’t get them all in a book.

“By doing the best of the best, we’re able to put the pictures of each one and even a short recap of some of the stories behind the big ones. It’s a full color book with 201 pages.”

In addition to the buck photos, the book includes a series of charts, graphs and maps based on all deer scored into the program.

“There’s a lot of information to be gleaned, but we still have our online program where you can go and get the full picture and all the deer listed,” Dillard said. “We felt it was time that we did a second book, featuring the best bucks, since in the last few years we’ve seen a lot of record changes, like the No. 1 typical, the No. 1 archery typical and the No. 1 muzzle-loader typical.”

The book has a cover price of $15 and is available in limited supply from the Mississippi Wildlife Federation. They can be ordered online at mswildlife.org or by phone at (601) 605-1790.