Today’s popularity of braid has resulted spinning reels designed to be have braid spooled up with no backing. The crossover uni knot is designed for this usage.

So before using this knot, ensure you have a reel that is contains a braid-ready, non-slip texture.

If you own such a reel and wish to do away with the backing (drives me nuts when the connection between the backing and the braid works through to the top of the line, causing the main line to snag during casts), then you’re ready to go. Just make sure you have enough braid to fill the spool adequately. 

Read the instructions below, then watch the accompanying video for great step-by-step visuals.

Always moisten your line with saliva or water before pulling tight. This is especially important on fluorocarbon lines they are easily damaged by heat from friction.

Here’s how to tie a crossover uni knot:

1. Open bail on spinning reel and make a large loop with about 20 inches of braid around the arbor.

2. Double back at the top, forming a small circle.

3. Tie a uni-knot by wrapping tag end around both lines six turns, and then through the loop.  

4. Moisten the knot, then pull the tag end and main line while holding knot to tighten. 

5. Keep loop against the spool and twist it to form a figure eight. 

6. Place top loop of figure eight over spool by placing one side around the spool lip so the arbor now has two wraps. 

7. Form another figure eight in the loop.

8. Place the top loop of the figure eight over the spool again so the spool is now wrapped three times. Make sure wraps cross over the braid-ready textured area of the spool.

9. Pull main line to tighten knot against the spool and trim the tag end.