Fishing almost mandates early starts. And who hasn’t sat at the dock working on tackle while waiting for the sun to finally peak over the horizon?

While some boats have fancy-dancy lights in the compartments, the rest of us schlobs have to hold a flashlight with one hand and the compartment lid with our heads while digging around for what we need.

And good luck seeing the line you’re trying to thread through that hook eye.

But Berkley’s Fishin’ Gear lights are awesome solutions that provide not only light for getting tackle sorted out but can actually be used to attract fish.

Lights include a strap-on head lamp, boat lights, floating lights and submersible models.

And all but the head lamp (which uses AAA batteries that come with the lights) are powered by a rechargable 12-volt Power Pack battery.

The boat and fishing lights also can be plugged into a boat’s power outlet.

The floating light is flat and has powerful, green LED lights on the bottom that attract baitfish and predatory fish. Ultraviolet lights on the top illuminate fluorescent lines so it’s easy to pick up subtle bits.

And brightness can adjusted for different needs.

Berkley’s Premium Boat light mounts to a boat with durable suction cups. It is equipped with powerful red, green and UV LED lights.

The submersible lights use powerful green LEDs to attract fish. They are preweighted to suspend at a depth of 10 feet, and can be safely sent to 20 feet. There are two models, with the Magnum Submersible Light blasting out 1,000 lumens of light and the Premium model giving off 100 lumens.

The head lamp has three white-light settings, a red light for maintaining night vision and a UV light for illuminating fluorescent lines. A pivoting head makes it easy to put light right where you need it. The light also is water resistant and weighs only 3.6 ounces.

Berkley’s Fishin’ Gear lights range from $29.99 to $49.99.