A grant from the Walmart Foundation State Giving Program will help the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s charitable distribution of venison feed the hungry.

The $35,000 contribution will help offset the processing expenses of the MWF’s Hunter Harvest program, which takes excess deer donated from hunters to charities identified by the Mississippi Food Network.

The grant will cover the cost of grinding about 15,000 pounds of venison, the Foundation said.

“We are so proud that the Walmart Foundation is working with us to make such a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate here in Mississippi,” said Brad Young, the MWF’s executive director. “The financial commitment by the Walmart Foundation and the support shown by the sportsmen and women of Mississippi will have a significant impact on addressing the growing problem of hunger in this state.” 

According to the MWF, the program produced over 8,000 pounds of ground venison during the 2014-15 deer, which equates to 32,000 meals. With Walmart’s contribution, the private conservation group hopes to double the production in the 2015-16 season.

To learn more about the Hunter Harvest program, visit the Foundation online at mswildlife.org.