It might be 95 degrees with almost 100-percent humidity now, but believe it or not, teal season starts next month — so it’s actually not too early to start thinking about taking care of your duck blind.

And if the last time you visited it was picking up your decoys at the end of last season, chances are it could use some attention and a little TLC.

Aside from making sure it’s structurally sound for another hunting season, the main thing you’ll want to address is camouflaging the blind in preparation for opening day. 

And an easy way to do that is with netting from Camo Unlimited.

“The main thing netting does is diminish the outline of the blind, and our netting is made to last season after season outside,” said Eric Christman, general manager of Camo Unlimited in Marietta, Ga. “We get countless numbers of people who call us who have been using the same netting on their blinds for four, five, six and even seven years in a row.

“So we try to give people more time hunting and less time going back over and over again and putting more brush on that blind.”

Christman explained the nets for hunting use come in three series: basic, premium and pro. Within each series, the nets are offered in ultra-light or military grades.

“Ultra-light is simply the leafy mesh material itself, and the military style is the leafy material with a heavy, reinforced mesh netting attached to the back of it for rigidity and strength,” he said.

Whichever model you choose, it’s easily installed — typically with tie-wraps or a staple gun around the structure of the blind.

“Obviously, we recommend that you take natural vegetation and use that in conjunction with the camouflage netting,” Christman said. “But the netting will stamp out the outline of a blind better than you can do by just brushing.”

The material can be purchased in bulk rolls or pre-cut pieces, with an 8-foot-by-10-foot piece of ultra-light netting starting at $34.95, while a 10-foot-by-20-foot piece of military grade material averages about $100.

“This is not a burlap or die-cut spun-bond nylon material that rots in three to six months,” Christman said. “This is a true multi-seasonal, 365-day-a-year product that you can put out and leave out, and it will give you years and years and years of service.

“It can sit underwater for a year, and you can come out and wrap it around a deer stand and still use it for years — and that’s just a fact.”

And the netting isn’t limited solely to use on fixed blinds — it’s also perfect for pit blind covers and boat blinds.

It can be easily complemented with Speed Reed, a paintable synthetic grass panel with an expected 10- to 15-year lifespan.

Speed Reed panels are 2 feet wide by 28 inches tall, and a two-pack costs $79.95, while a four pack goes for $149.95.

Although they cost a little more, they last for years because they’re not manufactured with a plant-based product.

“Whenever it’s there for 15 years, you’ve definitely gotten your money’s worth from it,”Christman said. 

Came Unlimited products are available at numerous other retailers, including Academy Sports and Outdoors.

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