The 2015-16 deer-hunting season opens Oct. 1, so we decided to take a walk down memory lane and review the Top 5 bucks killed last season. Just to get you pumped.

And there were some absolute monsters downed. In fact, it took a green score of more than 185 inches just to crack that Top 5 list.

Here's a rundown of those monster bucks, using gross scores as the standard:

5) 186-inch Carroll County 10-pointer — This monster buck was taken by 17-year-old Timothy Blankenship on Dec. 13 using his uncle's .30-30. The amazing deer was a mainframe 10-point with extra stickers off the right beam. The deer has yet to be entered into the Mississippi Magnolia Bucks record book.

4) 191 7/8-inch Tallahatchie County beast — Justin Braswell's huge 10-point, which initially green scored 193 4/8 inches, sported an inside spread of 23 1/4 inches and 12-inch G2s that really helped boost the non-typical green score on this trophy. Its official net score fell out at 188 4/8 inches.

3) 197 4/8-inch 8-point — OK, if you're going to shoot an 8-point, this incredible deer killed by former Major League Baseball star Roy Oswalt is the one you want to have in your crosshairs. The deer officially grossed 197 4/8 inches and netted out at 181 5/8 inches. Some stats from the buck:

• 27-inch main beams

• 21-inch inside spread• 16-inch-plus G2s

• 11-inch-plus brow tines, one of which splits into 3 points

• 6 3/4-inch bases that hold mass pass the G3s

2) 202 6/8-inch Claiborne County stud — Lloyd Dempster had already arrowed a 134-inch 9-point when this massive 18-pointer stepped out. The buck, which has since netted an official Boone and Crockette score of 197 7/8 inches, ranks No. 29 in the Mississippi Magnolia Records' non-typical bucks taken with firearms.

1) 204 5/8-inch triple-beamed monster — Matt Moss' incredible Jefferson County deer initially green scored 216 inches, but to be fair its three main beams would have challenged anyone putting a tape on it. The beast eventually grossed 204 5/8 inches and netted 186 3/8 inches.

If these bucks don't get you hyped for your days in the stand, you don't have a pulse. And when you kill that buck you've been watching on trail cams, don't forget to enter it in the Mississippi Sportsman Big Buck Photo Contest, which is free and offers monthly prizes.