The lower part of the Mississippi Delta closed to all hunting except watefowl hunting this morning when the Steel Bayou Landside gauge topped 90 feet, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks said.

The closure went into effect in Zone 4.B, which lies in portions of Sharkey, Humphreys, Yazoo and Warren counties, the MDWFP stated in a news release.

The closure includes property south of Highway 14, west of Highway 149, south of Highway 16/149, west of Highway 3 and east of Highway 61, the agency said.

By action of the Commission on Jan. 20, this area will be closed until Jan. 31.

 Due to this closure, deer season is closed on Lake George, Twin Oaks and Sunflower wildlife management areas, according to the news release. Additionally, the US Forest Service has closed the entire Delta National Forest to the public, including those hunting waterfowl and other wildlife, the MDWFP said.

All areas inundated by floodwaters are no-wake zones, and any boating in affected areas other than by people with property in the affected areas is discouraged. The MDWFP will continue its increased law enforcement presence in the affected areas to patrol the levees, promote public safety for residents affected by the rising waters, and enforce the wildlife laws that protect animals affected by flooding.