The bilge of my boat has long looked like the Exxon Valdez threw up under my back deck. No matter how hard I have tried over the years, I just haven’t been able to avoid spilling at least a little bit of oil when filling the reservoir.

And it all adds up to a supreme mess.

Well, when I recently hung a brand-new Mercury Optimax ProXS off the back of my boat, I went to great lengths to clean all that gunk out of the bilge.

While I was at Walmart buying a couple of gallons of premium oil to ensure I had enough for the break-in period, I was dreading what I knew would happen.

Then I saw it: A yellow Attwood Sillbuster spigot designed to attach to oil containers.

It wasn’t a funnel, though: Instead, it had a little valve designed to allow the flow of oil to be turned off.

And it cost $2.95.

I couldn’t pay for it fast enough — and when I got home it worked exactly as advertised.

Now my oil reservoir is full and my bilge is still clean.