Capt. Jared Adams has been putting the hurt on 7-, 8- and even 9-pound specks fishing Big Lake in Louisiana, and in doing so the guide recently collected more than $20,000 in cash and prizes from two Mississippi-based trout tournaments.

But the success he enjoyed in the Yellow Mouth Fever and Joes & Pros events — which were open to anglers fishing Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi waters — effectively got him and Big Lake booted from the upcoming World Speckled Trout Championships event this weekend out of Gulfport.

The rules for that tournament — which previously allowed trout from anywhere along Louisiana's coast — were changed this week to permit fishing only in Louisiana waters east of the Mississippi River.

According to the Facebook page for Mississippi Gulf Coast Fishing Tournaments Inc. — which operates the World Speckled Trout Championships —   the rule change was posted at 12:38 p.m.  Monday.

“Important tournament announcement! Due to the need to protect the integrity of the tournament, as well as our faithful local, loyal anglers’ patronage, Rule No. 13 has been changed…,” the post reads. “While I am certain that I will receive calls in reference to why the rule has changed, I am confident in my decision and will continue to make decisions moving forward that benefit the majority of our anglers!”

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