Pitching lures into heavy cover is a great way to catch bass, but it’s a technique that takes some getting used to.

I was privileged to learn from one of the best, Ken Sherman, who coached and scolded me until I stopped backlashing quite so much.

And I then I stood in my front yard and pitched over and over and over at a bucket — putting up with jokes and ribbing of my neighbors, every one of whom apparently thought asking if I was catching anything was an original joke.

That was years ago, and I pretty much take the tactic for granted now, but on a recent trip to Venice I was coaching my son Garrett. And it occurred to me that there are always anglers new to the sport who could use some tips.

There really aren’t that many steps, but it takes practice to make it all work together without creating a mess — and the more you practice the farther you can pitch a lure accurately. 

1) Hold the lure loosely in your off hand, with the rod tip pointed at about the 2 o’clock position.

2) Drop the lure, allowing it to swing away from your body. Done properly, you shouldn’t have to move the rod tip much.

3) When the lure reaches the end of the swing, allow it to pull line from the reel. Thumb the spool to prevent a backlash.

4) Drop the lure in the water at your target. With practice, you can accomplish this with almost no splash.