If your tackle box is busting at the seams with rarely used corks, sinkers, hooks, line, soft plastics, topwater lures, jigheads and other items collected over years of wandering the aisles of your favorite outdoor store, make a little room for an item that might actually help you catch a few more fish: A small tube of Super Glue.

A couple of drops is all it takes — just apply them to the tip of your soft plastic lure, and slide the lure up the hook until it makes contact with the weight on the jighead.

“It works for any soft plastic,” said Capt. Ross Montet, with Cajun Fishing Adventures. “Especially with the Z-Man baits; they don’t stay on the hook as well as some of the others because of the ElaZtech in them, which is what makes them so durable.

“The fish start pulling, and they get to where they start sliding on and off. If that’s the last bait you’ve got, you have to try to make it last.”

The Super Glue holds tight and prevents the bait from constantly moving up and down the hook, which would otherwise wallow out a hole and force you to grab a new lure. 

“You never know,” Montet said. “With the glue, you might be able to get a couple more fish out of that one bait.”