Hunting dove in early September can be brutally hot, especially when the Saturday opening time is high noon. During these late days of summer, when the latent heat of the dog days still lingers, you need to use caution and consider bringing the following:

• A small ice chest with plenty of bottled water.

• Pour a couple bottles of Murray & Lanman Florida water into the ice chest. It won’t contaminate the unopened bottled water. Use a terry cloth face towel to apply the cold Florida water to your neck and face to refresh you.

• Bring sunscreen with at least a 15 SPF; 30 is better. And apply often.

• UV light rays can be tough on your eyes as well. Sunglasses are important.

• In some locations mosquito repellent is desperately needed first thing in the morning.

• Be aware that fire ants can quickly track down anything dead. Bring a bucket, pouch, or ice chest to place your dove in. A lot of hunters toss them on the ground and quickly find out the ants are eating their birds.

• Bring a bowl and extra water for your canine if they accompany you. Like humans, dogs need to keep hydrated and cooled down too, especially if they’re working in the heat.