Depending on where you are Mississippi, bow season for whitetail deer is either open — after Sept. 30 in the Delta, North East, East Central, or South West Zones — or coming soon, on Oct. 14 in the Southeast Zone.

In Columbia, Waldo’s Sports Center is where a lot of south Mississippi hunters get ready for the season.

O.C. Broome is one of the folks you’re likely to meet in Waldo’s, especially if you spend time in the archery department. He’s a longtime bowhunter who provides some pretty good advice, regardless of whether you are new to the sport of stick-and-string deer hunting or have been doing it a long time.

Broome’s expertise is in such demand, his free time is scarce.

What little he has, Broome spends looking for food sources that appeal to deer. He said the best thing about getting into the woods early with bow and arrow is that deer are not pressured as much as they will be — especially on some of the available public lands around the state — once gun season opens.

“Right now you need to be looking for acorn trees that are dropping or will soon be dropping acorns,” Broome said. “Other things I’ll be looking for are crab apple trees and believe it or not, patches of kudzu. Deer love to eat kudzu early in the season.”

Once he’s found a food source, Broome looks for the trails deer are using to get to that area. He said it isn’t hard to find the well-worn paths because the rest of the growth is still so high from the growing season. Once he’s located the one or two most-used trails between the feeding areas, he’s going to look due north for a