Several years ago, West Point-based B’n’M Poles, famous for crappie rods, entered the catfishing market with their own line of catfish rods for serious catfish anglers. The lineup includes the Silver Cat and the Silver Cat Magnum in longer sizes, as well as its new Bumping rod.

In addition to the rod offerings, B’n’M is also offering catfish tackle designed by renowned catfish angler George Young Jr. The lineup includes terminal tackle weights, including bank sinkers, cannon ball sinkers and no-roll sinkers in a variety of sizes.

For rigging purposes, B’n’M also offers pre-rigged, three-way swivels to accommodate the more-popular catfishing tactics like bumping, bottom-bouncing, slow-trolling and anchored fishing.

Finally, the new offerings include Young’s own signature series of hooks, from smaller, eating-sized catfish hooks to trophy fetching 9/0 circle hooks. Each one is extremely strong and sharp to catch and hold even the biggest catfish.

“The catfish market is growing and we saw an opportunity to provide some tackle offers from a top notch tournament angler,” said Jack Wells, B’n’M’s president. “This takes the guesswork out of how to rig for the different ways to catch catfish, and it’s proven quality tackle.”

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