Scott Ellis yelped, purred and clucked, and he was greeted with thunderous gobbles from a couple of fired-up gobblers.

Two birds came in from different directions and areas, an interesting situation for 5-year-old Jake Ellis’s first turkey encounter. Little Jake was smack dab in the middle of his dad and grandfather. 

“Two gobblers raced in from different areas and started fighting,” Scott Ellis said. “Jake couldn’t get on him, so my dad shot one of them after about 30 minutes, and the other one jumped up on top of the first bird. 

“Jake wasn’t able to get that turkey, but he was hooked for life; he was a real turkey hunter from that point on.”

When it comes to getting kids involved in turkey hunting and the outdoors, Scott Ellis knows more than a few things about getting them interested. Jake, now 11, was the j 2017 NWTF Grand National Poult’s Division champion caller. 

No limits: Start them early

“Jake grew up listening to turkey calls and sounds, because I was always practicing and honing my calling skills,” said Scott Ellis, a resident of Mulberry, Fla., who has won practically every calling contest of note in the past 15 years. He knows a few things about calling and harvesting call-shy birds. He’s put that knowledge to use with his own son as well. 

“Jake heard all of the calls at a very young age,” Ellis said. “Then he started asking me about the calls I was making and what I was doing, and I believe my answer to him