Every saltwater angler who has logged hours in the shallow of the Gulf of Mexico has caught a hardhead catfish, a bait-stealing scourge with sharp fins that can inflict infectious wounds.

So hated is the hardhead that the mere sight of one on a hook reeled to the boat causes frowns, if not angry scowls and unpleasant language.

But, here’s one that is sure to make fishermen of all types and ages smile. Look at the above photo of 3-year-old Greyson Borries of Vancleave, and try not to enjoy.

On Tuesday, the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources certified Borries’ 1-pound, 12.97-ounce hardhead catfish (Ariopsis felis) as a new youth division state record for the species on conventional tackle.

It is proof that the bane of thousands is the treasure of another.

Congratulations Greyson, and Mississippi Sportsman wishes you a life full of successful, and fun, fishing trips.