Brad Madden sat high in a climbing tree stand overlooking an open bottom frequented by grass-browsing does that were beginning to be chased by bucks at the onset of the rut. He had seen a few does earlier in the afternoon, but nothing with antlers. 

Suddenly, a doe busted into the open with a buck in hot pursuit. 

Tic-pow! Madden’s rifle crumpled the 9-point buck instantly. 

“He chased that doe back and forth a few times before stopping suddenly,” Madden said. “I saw he had a split G-2 on the right side, so I knew he was (a shooter), so I pulled the trigger with only minutes of shooting time left.” 

The 185-pound buck sported a wide rack that another hunter had seen and passed up earlier, on the first day of a Canemount Wildlife Management Area hunt. Madden took the trophy buck with only minutes of shooting light left in his 3-day hunt.

Not every Wildlife Management Area in Mississippi is a trophy draw unit, but most have good deer populations and provide excellent opportunities to harvest a deer or quality buck — or to enjoy outstanding small game or waterfowl hunting.  Enjoy this tour. 

Mississippi’s WMA regions

Mississippi’s WMA system is managed in six regions — Southwest, Southeast, East Central, Delta, Northwest and Northeast — and offers outstanding hunting for several species across the state. Mississippi Sportsman spoke to biologists with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks who manage WMAs in each region to help hunters find the best hunting. If you take the time to scout, plan and get your boots on the ground, you have an opportunity to be successful on one