When most fishermen hear about saltwater sight-fishing out of Biloxi, they immediately think about spotting redfish tailing in the shallows of the marsh or pushing water against a bank. 

But the best sight-fishing experience for those who spend a lot of time on the water might be for tripletail, aka blackfish.

Tripletail enter the Mississippi Sound and Biloxi Marsh areas in the late spring and stick around all summer, until the water temperature drops below about 70 degrees. September is a great month to target them before they head for deeper water. 

These fish are hard fighters, tasty on the table and, this time of year, they’re easy to find.

For Ronnie Daniels of Fisher-Man Guide Services out of Pass Christian, tripletail are the ultimate sight-fishing quarry.

“Tripletail are a somewhat mysterious fish that a lot of people don’t know much about,” he said. “They look a lot like a big, black crappie. They like to hang out under anything that’s floating, anything providing shade. They’ll lay on their side just under the surface. 

“That’s part of what makes them so much fun to catch. You can ride along until you see one, circle back, pitch a bait to them, watch them eat the bait, and when you set the hook, you better hang on, because it’s about to get exciting.”

Instead of checking electronics for telltale signs of structure, baitfish or temperature breaks, finding tripletail is as easy as finding anything that provides underwater shade.

That’s another pleasing aspect of the sport: You can do it running at speed, which is great