The Biloxi marshes and other inshore Louisiana waters east of the Mississippi River reopens to recreational fishing tomorrow (May 15) at sunrise. The Chandeleur and Breton sounds, however, remain closed.

Click here to download a full-sized map of the current closures.

On the east side of the Mississippi River, all the inshore waters from the Mississippi Border to Baptiste Collette Pass near Venice will be reopened for recreational and commercial fishing, LDWF's Randy Pausina told
Fishing still is prohibited from Baptiste Collette Pass downriver to South Pass will remain closed. Also, Breton and Cheneleur sounds remain closed, Pausina.

On the west side of the river, anglers can again fish inshore and offshore waters between Sandy Point and Red Pass. Waters from Red Pass to South Pass remain closed, he said.

Also, state offshore waters from Point au Fer eastward to 91 west longitude will reopen, as well as those state offshore waters between 89 degrees, 30 minutes, 12 seconds west longitude and the mouth of Red Pass at 89 degrees, 28 minutes, 13.4 seconds west longitude.
All other closures remain in place.