• Mississippi Fishing

    Lure profile - not just color — an important factor

    Inshore saltwater anglers love discussing, choosing and experimenting with lure color. It’s no surprise the most asked question is, “What color were they biting?”

    September 14 at 7:00am

    Red snapper season opens again Friday

    Mississippi’s on-again and off-again recreational red snapper season will soon be open again as the quota remains unfilled after the last weather-nullified opportunity failed to produce many fish.

    September 12 at 2:10pm

    Understanding how water flows through the marsh

    It’s easy to look upon an area of marsh and only see a bunch of grass and water.

    September 12 at 7:00am

    Three-pronged bass approach at Lake Okhissa

    I’m concentrating on 1,075-acre Lake Okhissa this month, since it is home to plenty of vegetation and numbers of big bass. September often is a tricky month to fish for bass; baitfish are starting to move into shallow water — with bass following them — and the vegetation is breaking up some, which means more areas will be available to fish than in the summer. My favorite lures will be surface lures, frogs and punch baits.

    September 11 at 9:00am

    Self-regulating bass?

    Recruitment of young fish is essential to sustained fishing. Despite the amount and intensity of management directed at largemouth bass, America’s most-popular gamefish, the relationship between the abundance of adults and their offspring has not been clearly established. Pond studies from the University of Florida shed light on this critical question. 

    September 07 at 9:00am

    Dragon-like catch shocks Louisiana guide

    It’s been a very strange year for Capt. Jamie Gaspard of Pure Adrenalin Fishing Charters out of Grand Isle and Fourchon, La.

    September 05 at 1:30pm

    Made in the shade - Don’t throw shade on Mississippi tripletail

    When most fishermen hear about saltwater sight-fishing out of Biloxi, they immediately think about spotting redfish tailing in the shallows of the marsh or pushing water against a bank. 

    September 01 at 7:00am

    Mississippi bass on all fronts

    When asked about September bass fishing in Mississippi, bass pro Pete Ponds answered with an immediate and unexpected question of his own:

    September 01 at 7:00am

    Color catfish hot

    September in Mississippi can be the hottest time of the year. Noted for the return of football, deer-camp workdays and oppressive heat, it is still the heart of summer — even though fall is on the horizon as the ninth month arrives.

    September 01 at 7:00am

    Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting reels

    The DC stands for Digital Control, and quite honestly it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I got the chance to fish with one this spring at Grosse Savanne Lodge during a Shimano media presentation, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

    September 01 at 7:00am

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