• Mississippi Hunting

    Get quacking come Thanksgiving weekend

    After what was, at best, a decent teal season in the latter part of September, Mississippi duck hunters are hungry for more. No, make that starving.

    November 14 at 6:00am

    3rd CWD case suspected in Issaquena County

    Mississippi appears to have its third deer with chronic wasting disease, the second from the Issaquena County CWD Management Zone, and the first doe to be discovered with the deadly protein-based illness.

    November 12 at 11:40am

    Young hunter’s first buck recovery captured on video

    Just about everyone nowadays has a video camera in their pocket — and Shaun Briggs used his smartphone brilliantly to capture the moment his son Brayson realized he had killed his very first buck.

    November 12 at 9:30am

    Plenty of shooting on the wing

    For waterfowlers who just don’t want to wait for the duck season to get a little wet and muddy, there’s the regular goose season that starts well in advance of duck season this fall.

    November 05 at 6:00am

    Deer ‘baiting’ rule changes

    A rule change proposed in September and given final approval in October by the Mississippi Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks removes the restriction that had prevented deer hunting within 100 yards of a feeder.

    November 01 at 10:15am


    Barrett Van Cleave arrowed this huge buck on Oct. 1, opening day of archery season in the area around Woodville where he was hunting. The season was barely 30 minutes old when he scored on this 157 3/8-inch buck.

    November 01 at 7:00am

    Climb for the prize

    If you were to survey any given piece of hunting property, there are areas that cry out to be hunted. A majority of times, these areas are soon saddled with a permanent hunting stand, be it a ladder, box or other permanent fixture. A hunter may even take one or more deer from that stand the next season, or it may be one of those rare stands that produces every season. But the reason that site was chosen is because it looked good to the hunter, not because it was conducive to the deer. 

    November 01 at 7:00am

    How to raise deer ‘clubbing’ to an art form in Mississippi

    Joining a hunting club is a time-honored tradition in Mississippi and a way of life for many sportsmen. But in recent years, clubs in the Magnolia State have seen their fair share of hardships, challenges, and struggles.

    November 01 at 7:00am

    A time to kill

    Hayes Nance was scanning the area around his stand, looking for a deer or any sign of movement, when, without warning, the woods came alive, and a couple of yearlings burst out, followed close behind by their mothers. 

    November 01 at 7:00am

    The timeless allure of hunting

    For every hunter, there is a shaft of light, an opening in the woods, or a corner of a green field where his or her buck of a lifetime stands in regal splendor — albeit in a dream. 

    November 01 at 7:00am

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