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    Make a good shot with your weapon, then with your camera

    Hunters in Mississippi who take trophy bucks rarely turn down a trip to the taxidermist, even though a quality mount may cost hundreds of dollars. But few spend time taking quality photos of their kills. A shoulder mount over the fireplace will showcase a quality animal, but photographs from the day and place of the kill will better capture the event.

    October 18 at 2:45pm

    Give a big-bore gun a chance this season

    The rifle was removed from its case long before dawn. The rich, walnut stock showed the wear of a 146-year-old gun. The U.S. Springfield 1873 Trapdoor is not what many would consider a good whitetail gun. Indeed, the 400-grain, .45-70 caliber, bullet is a bit heavy for most hunters, with small, fast projectiles all the rage.

    October 17 at 6:00am

    Duck numbers down in 2018

    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials announced a 13-percent decrease in ducks in the agency’s annual breeding population survey, which can be directly tied to a 14-percent decline in nesting habitat.

    October 16 at 6:00am

    Rabbit season is open

    Jonathan Thames was wearing a big smile Friday while stocking up on 20-gauge 7½ shotgun shells at a sporting goods store in Flowood, and he was as happy as a high school kid on the final day of school.

    October 15 at 9:30am

    Tree stand safety tips

    With bow season cranking up across almost the entire state, that means hunters will once again be heading into the woods and getting positioned up in their favorite trees in hopes of a close encounter with that big buck they’ve been watching on their trail cameras.

    October 15 at 6:00am

    Dad helps physically challenged son get first deer with a bow

    Theirs is a relationship and a story that transcends most father and son hunting kinships, little 13-year-old Jason and his dad Dana Sanders, who recently celebrated the youngster’s first deer taken with a bow.

    October 12 at 2:30pm

    An opening day hunt that followed script

    Barrett Van Cleave has proven his skills as a bow hunter consistently over the past five years, working hard to not only produce massive mature bucks but then hunting them hard until they adorn his trophy wall.

    October 09 at 12:00pm

    Small game: Squirrel first, then rabbits

    October is a big month for small-game enthusiasts, with the opening of the statewide squirrel season on Oct. 1 and the statewide rabbit season on Oct. 13, giving both several weeks of hunting before the opening of gun season on deer on Nov. 17.

    October 08 at 8:00am

    Dove hunting continues

    Mississippi wing-shooters will have plenty of opportunities to take doves in October, but the focus shifts to the southeastern corner of the state for most of the month. 

    October 05 at 8:00am

    Will the velvet trend continue?

    The 2017 archery season saw an increase in the number of bucks killed with antlers still in either full velvet or at least partially covered in the hair-like membrane of skin that carries blood and nutrients to growing antlers until they are fully calcified.

    October 04 at 8:00am

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