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  • Sawtooth Oak Trees 1 and 2-year-old, bare-root trees



    Sawtooth oak trees are quick growing oaks that begin to produce acorns at five to seven years of age. Sawtooths usually produce heavy acorn crops every year, providing a reliable food source that draws in wildlife year after year.

    Sawtooths drop their acorns between late September and the end of October, well before most other oaks. Deer, turkey, and other animals crave Sawtooth acorns and quickly devour them after they fall to the ground.

    1-year-old bare-root Sawtooths 10'' to 20'' $2.09 each
    1-year-old bare-root Sawtooths 20'' to 36''+ $3.49 each
    2-year-old bare-root Sawtooths 20'' to 40''+ $6.99 each

    Sawtooths are shipped between Dec. 15th and March 15th

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    Posted By Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery Site Sponsor