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  • Spring Break Part2 bigger and better

    All four boats were out on Monday, and all four boats did well. Myself, Capt Kyle and Capt Kenny had crews that wanted to stay in close. Capt Matt went to the LA Marsh and I did not hear from him till later in the afternoon. Sounded like Matt and the Tally Crew found a few of the elusive sparkle trout. Capt Kyle and myself had the Vargas group from New Orleans and Diamondhead, 3 adults and 3 teenagers. I got the youth and Kyle got the wisdom. Trist, Mathews an Alex were with me and all 3 knew how to fish. Pretty sure our first 5 casts put 5 puppy drum in the box. The Bay was nice and calm, making it a piece of cake to fish. Kyle and his crew were just a few lengths from us all morning and both boats were in great action. Still doing our part to thin the puppy drum herds, but they will not go without a fight.
    We heard Capt Kenny over the radio first thing in the morning with Dr Valdez. Seems the two of them were covered up with big fish. Every time we saw are talked to Kenny, they were either fighting or releasing a big red or black drum. Dr Valdez even kept the biggest red and black drums to have mounted. These fish mounts are becoming a regular occurrence on Capt Kennyís boat (twice in two trips). They still caught plenty of the puppy drum and the white trout. For having only one customer today, Capt Kennyís boat looked like a war zone back at the dock. He had a reel actually explode mid fight with one of the sea monsters (no, not an Okuma reel). Saw the two big trophy fish Dr Valdez kept back at the dock. Looks like the good doctor had better get some good hardware to mount to those suckers.
    My team of teenage anglers has been taught well by their parents. They did everything from baiting, casting, hooking and landing fish. Could have filled the boat with puppy drum, but we kept hearing Kenny and Dr Valdez on the VHF. They couldnít stand it so we went after the sea monsters. Took all of 5 minutes before we had three hooked (a double, then a single). Sad to say, we went 1 for 3 on the big fish, but the boys did great. Coolest part was having Capt Kyle with the Parents next to us cheering their sons on.
    Three of the boats met up at Shiyou Caddy with healthy catches. The Vargas group ended the two boat trip with 30 something puppy drum and a couple of sea monster releases. Not sure of Kennyís exact numbers, but looked in the 20ís on the puppy drum a handful of white trout to boot. They did capture the title for the most big fish with 1 huge bull red, and 5 sea monster black drums.
    Looks like Capt Kenny did another bang up job today with Noel Johnson and his two young uns Larry an Emily. Noel is a die hard triple tail fisherman, but it is still early for those critters. He wanted to get his kidson the water and did a near shore trip. They caught another haul of white trout, puppy drum and sea monsters. Being able to get young anglers on a fish as big as they are is something, both young and old always love to see. I am sure Capt Kenny and Noel traded triple secrets all day, would have loved to have been a hoarse fly on the deck of that boat...
    I am typing this on a plane headed for St Petersburg, FL. I got an invite to sit at a seminar to assist in the release of deep-water species(grouper, snapper, etc). Very much looking forward to assisting with some of the tactics an ideas for the bettering the survival of our deepwater fish. Just wanted to thank Capt Matt, Kyle and Kenny for manning the fort while I am away. Will keep you posted on how the seminar goes...
    Plenty more pics on the Shore Thing Website(fishing reports)
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