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    Reel Fun® Enterprises, LLC was started by my wife and I to make and market products for the outdoor market. We currently have two products to offer, Catcher’s Mitt® and Tipster®. Both are unique and help you catch more fish. What could be better than that! The Catcher’s Mitt® you wear on your side and it keeps your hands clean and safe while you handle your catch. The Tipster® is a fishing device that you set out and it does all the work. When it tips up it is time to check it to see what you caught.

    Both Libby and I have fished all of our lives and these products help us enjoy our time together on the water. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take a little time to view the pictures and videos to see the products in action. If you have any questions about the products or our company gives us a call.

    Soft rides and hard strikes

    Mark and Libby Cartwright

    Keep your hands dry while fishing this winter. A Catcher's Mitt is the perfect thing in cold weather to keep that cold slime off your hands.rnrnThe-mitt.com

    Protect your hands from hooks, fins, teeth and the cold. Catcher's Mitt is one of the handiest things you can use while fishing. Find out more about it at reelfunenterprises.comrnrn(225)938-6488

    Using a Catcher's Mitt makes it a lot easier. The mitt gives you protection from the treble hooks and a sure grip. Order yours today. The-mitt.com

    Using a crankbait is a great way to catch spingtime bass. Protect your hands from the treble hooks and the cold water with a Catchers' Mitt. It will give you a sure grip on the fish. The handy pliers are great to get those stubborn trebles hooks removed from your fish. rnrnreelfunenterprises.comrnrnthe-mitt.comrnrn225.938.6488

    Catcher's Mitt - Surf & Kayak Left Hand. The big Speckled Trout bite is just around the corner. Wading is the way it's done. Our Surf & Kayak is perfect for wade fishing. It is really all you need to land the big one in the surf. I got a new Boga Grip that I am going to bring also so I can weigh that big girl. rnrnReelfunenterprises.com

    The mitt is the core of the Catcher's Mitt. It has a one finger design. A mitt is the easiest thing to get your hand in. Yet, it doesn't provide much dexterity. The one finger mitt gives you more dexterity to lip a fish, gill a fish or pick up a fillet, when cleaning fish. It also allows you to hold a catfish correctly. rnrnThe mitt is coated inside and out with rubber. This keeps the mitt from getting soiled and allows for easy clean up. The outer coating is treated with acid in the manufacturing process. That is what gives it the crinkled texture that gives it a sure grip. rnrnUnder the blue trim is a plastic sleeved wire. This holds the opening in an oval to allow your hand to get in the mitt easier. rnrnEverything about the Catcher's Mitt is designed for ease of use so you can get your fish unhooked and your bait back in the water fast. rnrnreelfunenterprises.comrnrnSoft rides and hard strikes!