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    The ZT Hyper Cams allow let-offs of 80- to 85-percent on Hoyt’s newest bows.

    Hoyt takes a big step

    Hoyt Archery’s 2018 flagship hunting bows are the most innovative to come from the Salt Lake City-based manufacturer in many years. Hoyt has redesigned their bows from the ground up, giving them a much-needed overhaul — and adding a lot of new technology.

    December 04 at 9:00am
    Part of the mission statement of the Quality Deer Management Association is getting young hunters interested in deer hunting.

    Trophies, the Tunica way

    The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a perfect fit for Mississippi deer hunters.

    December 01 at 7:00am
    Mindfulness or meditation is a good way to remain still in the deer woods, clearing the senses to be more acute to what is going on in the forest, and prepare you for a mature buck’s sudden appearance.

    Deer got you down? Be proactive.

    December is here, and you’ve caught yourself sitting in the same old stand, watching the same old food plot grow. If the season isn’t going as you had hoped, perhaps it’s time to become proactive about deer hunting. 

    December 01 at 7:00am
    Hunting with his brother (the author), Mark Giles took this trophy by finding a food plot that does were using heavily, and then waiting until a rutting buck came in looking for love.

    Be there or be square - Tips for hunting Mississippi bucks in the rut

    When it comes to harvesting mature bucks, some hunters always seem to be in the right spot at the right time, perhaps because they possess the right mix of luck and skill.

    December 01 at 7:00am
    In this photo of the same mature buck, taken on Aug. 6, note the circumference of the bases and the overall general mass of the antlers, tell-tale signs of maturity.

    Try to educate your eyes

    In the world of Southeastern Conference football, they call the pregame education process “getting reps,” which over time builds experience and “muscle memory.” 

    November 22 at 9:00am
    Zac Carothers of Oxford took this rare, natural 14-point Sunday in Coahoma County. The buck gross scores over 180 inches, putting it close to the typical archery record in Mississippi.

    Carothers sticks 180-inch typical 14 point

    Here’s what you need to know statistically about the 180-inch (green, gross) buck Zac Carothers shot with a bow Sunday in Coahoma County.

    November 20 at 4:15pm
    Squirrels are not only a popular small-game animal, they can be a distant early warning system for hunters that deer are entering an area.

    Squirrels can be a deer hunter’s best friends

    Hunters invest countless hours in deer stands under a wide variety of conditions. After years of sitting motionless in the stand and watching the time tick by, they have practically earned a master’s degree in several outdoor disciplines, including interpreting nature’s signals, which can come in many forms, including wildlife alerts. 

    November 15 at 6:00am
    Timing the release of corn or other baits from feeders may help keep deer, especially big bucks, from turning completely nocturnal in areas that are being baited.

    Trophy bucks are rarely killed over bait

    Mississippi hunting regulations still forbid killing any wild animal or wild bird with the aid of bait, but its allowance of and regulations regarding “supplemental deer feeding” opens the door to killing deer over bait. 

    November 15 at 6:00am
    Rattling and calling are age-old deer hunting tricks, but knowing how to age a deer is key to taking him at his highest potential.

    Combining stealth, calling

    Hunters have at their disposal a number of tricks that can arouse the curiosity of rutting bucks and help get them into range. Rattling, calling, scents and decoys are among the more popular ones.

    November 15 at 6:00am
    As the rut approaches, bucks will spend more and more of their travel time seeking out receptive does.

    Mapping Mississippi’s breeding period

    For more than 20 years, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks has conducted deer health checks across the state to establish quite a database. 

    November 15 at 6:00am

    Hunter’s Harvest sets goal of 25,000 pounds

    The director of a program that collects donated protein-rich venison to feed the needy is counting on the benevolence of Mississippi sportsmen to offset reductions in antlerless deer limits.

    November 10 at 7:00am
    Finn Norsworthy, 10, of Brandon, killed this 162-inch 12 point with a compound bow in October.

    10-year-old’s first bow buck tops 160

    Finn Norsworthy of Brandon is only 10 and a fifth grader at Brandon Elementary School, yet he is already an accomplished hunter. In October he claimed his first buck with a compound bow.

    November 09 at 8:30am
    A deer standing rigid with its head high and neck stiff is likely on alert and sensing danger, and it may not stay around much longer.

    Understand a deer’s body language and tag more bucks

    From using the latest technology in optics, attractants and calls to different hunting strategies in the woods, deer hunters are always looking for something that helps them gain an advantage over their quarry. 

    November 01 at 7:00am
    Killing a trophy buck in Mississippi in November requires work, or a lot of luck, and maybe even a combination of the two.

    Rockin’ the pre-rut - The pre-rut is the real time to take a big buck in Mississippi

    With the arrival of November in Mississippi, rutting activity starts to fall across the northern tier of counties. 

    November 01 at 7:00am
    ReAnn Chatham harvested her biggest buck to date during an early season rifle hunt. The 14-point buck sported a drop tine that was broken off during the kill.

    Don’t miss November - November can be trophy time for Mississippi deer hunters

    Don’t try to tell ReAnn Chatham that hunting bucks early in the gun season, even in warm and windy weather, is a waste of time.

    November 01 at 7:00am
    Mission Archer’s F.I.T. cam system offers 80 percent let-off and 55 pounds of draw-weight adjustment for owners of the Hype DTX bow.

    DTX lives up to the Hype

    Not many years ago, compound bows offered little in terms of adjustability. Most models featured only 10 pounds of draw-weight range, and at most, only 3 inches of draw-length adjustment. For many first-time archers, this meant starting out shooting a higher draw weight than they were comfortable with so they wouldn’t have to purchase new limbs for a higher poundage later.  Worse yet, parents of youngsters who were still growing often had to purchase several bows before their kids reached adulthood.  

    November 01 at 7:00am