• Deer Hunting

    VIDEO: How to butcher a deer

    The Bearded Butchers demonstrate how to break down a deer carcass
    September 20 at 10:45am
    For whitetails, the author’s arsenal contains everything from rifled slugs all the way down to a .223. His overall favorite is the .35 Whelen.

    Pay attention to the business end

    Preference in weapons, ammo and sights pales in comparison to the ability to put your shot on target when the opportunity presents itself
    September 18 at 9:00am
    You can turn a discarded deer antler into decorative buttons.

    Don’t toss it — button it up

    Even if they’re not going on the wall, antlers have many uses
    September 17 at 7:00am
    Spending time at the range or in the back yard shooting your bow and/or gun will help you make that critical shot once the season opens.

    No matter the weapon, practice

    September 15 at 7:00am
    Getting in on a lease or hunt-club land late in the preseason doesn’t have to hurt your chances of taking a big buck.

    Last minute land: go deep, stay late

    September 15 at 7:00am
    Find bachelor groups of bucks before the season opens and you’ll have a leg up on filling that first tag or two.

    Draw a bead on bachelor-buck groups

    September 03 at 11:00am
    For some, deer hunting is a year round sport, but if you’re late to the party, you can still make last minute preparations that will get you that trophy buck.

    Deer hunters have a month left to do their preseason scouting in Mississippi

    Deer hunters should be prepared to figure out where whitetails will be when bow season opens, and knowing food sources and approaching trails will give you a leg up.
    September 01 at 7:00am
    A mature doe is one of bowhunting’s toughest challenges. Attention to small details led to the author’s success.

    Sweat the small stuff — all the time

    Don’t repeat common mistakes made every season
    September 01 at 7:00am
    If you want to consistently bag a buck like the author’s, pay attention to the little details.

    Time is short

    With deer season just over the horizon, it’s time to do all of that preseason work on trails, stands and weapons
    August 21 at 9:00am
    Hunters using tree stands on any wildlife management area are required to use a full-body fall-arrest harness system.

    Stick a WMA whitetail

    Mississippi public-land deer are there for the taking, especially when archery season rolls around. take a look at this profile of the state’s best WMA opportunities.
    August 01 at 7:00am
    Paper-shooting your bow is a big part of the process of getting your equipment ready for the season.

    Bow prep now is time well spent

    A true-shooting setup is the result of annually tuning your equipment
    August 01 at 7:00am

    Proposal would lessen CWD area

    MDWFP could start defining zone’s borders by roads and rivers instead of county lines
    July 24 at 9:35am
    The author’s son aligns a trail camera to see what’s cooking in the deer woods.

    Never too early for trail cams

    July 16 at 9:00am

    Commission to study CWD regulation changes Wednesday

    Survey underway to gauge public opinion on disease’s impact
    July 13 at 10:15am
    July is the month when deer clubs in Mississippi begin the grunt work of preparing for deer season at camp work days.

    Summer sweat = winter success

    July 06 at 8:00am