• Fishing

    If you see a tide line, there’s more than likely fish gorging on bait.

    Work tide lines for more trout, reds

    Current breaks mean easy pickings for fish and anglers
    March 23 at 6:00am
    Now is the time give your boat a little TLC to ensure the fishing season isn’t spent making repairs.

    Top 10 springtime boat maintenance tips

    Get gear, equipment prepped for upcoming fishing trips
    March 22 at 6:00am
    Brandon Hughes of Prentiss now holds the Jeff Davis Lake record for largemouth with this 11.6-pound bass caught March 5.

    Two more state lake record bass certified

    Lakes Jeff Davis and Mary Crawford report large largemouths
    March 21 at 2:00pm
    When fishing crappie in heavy cover, weakening the hook makes it easy to get unsnagged.

    No. 1 tip when fishing brush-pile crappie

    Pre-bend hooks to escape snags
    March 21 at 6:00am
    Success during the spring often means allowing the wind to dictate where you should fish.

    Springtime tip: Play the wind, tides

    Focus on clean water to mop up
    March 15 at 6:00am
    A rod is not a rod is not a rod. Understanding how to match the right action for specific applications allows anglers to get the most out of their lures.

    Power vs. action: Choose the right rod

    No one rod is right for every situation
    March 14 at 9:00am
    A crane is used to push and dump concrete culverts on a reef in 15 feet of water just Southeast of Cat Island in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Cat Island Reef grows thanks to BCT, CCA

    Private groups, with assist from MDMR, put over 207 tons of culvert in the Gulf
    March 13 at 3:05pm
    You’ll often have your best chance of the year to catch a big bass at Bogue Homa in March.

    Bogue Homa is March lunker lair

    The spawn puts a lot of big fish in anglers’ wheelhouses this month
    March 13 at 9:00am