• Hunting

    Fooling wiley turkeys means you have to have as many tools as possible.

    5 calls for turkey hunters

    Don’t go in the woods without these tools
    March 20 at 6:00am
    Good “glass” is critical for crystal-clear views into thick brush when searching for bucks.

    Get the best sight picture

    Binoculars are a must-have for every hunter
    March 16 at 9:15am
    Mississippi's week-long youth-only (age 15 and under) turkey season opened on Wednesday and state wildlife officials are urging all hunters to voluntarily report their harvests this year.

    Youth turkey season opens

    MDWFP asking for voluntary harvest reporting
    March 08 at 2:00pm
    The Axion Pulse pull-away rest features an independent actuation arm.

    The case for arrow rests

    Choose the correct one for your bow setup
    March 02 at 8:30am
    Gatortail Mod v series

    Gatortail Mod v series

    March 01 at 10:11am
    Triple Beard

    Triple Beard

    March 01 at 9:55am


    March 01 at 7:00am
    The overall turkey numbers in most places, especially in the central part of the state, will likely be up due to a good hatch last summer.

    2017 turkey forecast

    Turkey numbers are up, but does that mean a banner hunting year? Here’s what the experts say.
    March 01 at 7:00am
    Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland enjoys sharing his turkey obsession with others, especially daughter Lauren, and their double was a sweet day.

    March of the toms — Keys to early season turkey success

    There’s one key to early season turkey success: Being ‘relentlessly patient.’ These expert hunters tell you why it’s important to tagging a longbeard.
    March 01 at 7:00am