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    In addition to color, the profile of the lure you’re throwing also will determine its effectiveness depending on what forage predators are feeding on at the time.

    Lure profile - not just color — an important factor

    Consider what fish are looking for when they’re hungry
    September 14 at 7:00am
    Mississippi's red snapper season will reopen Friday through Sunday this weekend.

    Red snapper season opens again Friday

    Mississippi coastal anglers get another weekend
    September 12 at 2:10pm
    Understanding how water moves through the marsh — and the ‘traffic system’ fish use to travel — will help you locate honey holes and make you a better angler.

    Understanding how water flows through the marsh

    Fish use ‘sidewalks, streets and highways’ to travel and chase bait
    September 12 at 7:00am
    Josh and Jamie Gaspard both with the wicked-looking lancetfish they caught on Aug. 15.

    Dragon-like catch shocks Louisiana guide

    A lancetfish looks like something straight from a horror movie
    September 05 at 1:30pm
    Mississippi's red snapper season will reopen two days this weekend, Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 1-2).

    Snapper season reopens Saturday and Sunday

    Fishermen get two more days of fishing to fill the quota
    August 30 at 3:45pm
    A new format for speckled trout tournaments debuted at the 2018 Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo and could lead to a tournament series in 2019.

    Speck event successful

    August 29 at 8:00am
    Watching a stationary object in the water — like these pilings at the Trestles on Lake Pontchartrain — will reveal which way the current is moving, and how quickly. Wind has a big effect on tidal movement, so no matter what your tide guide might say, there’s nothing like real-time information on the water to plan your day.

    Get real-time tidal conditions — right on the water

    Crab trap buoys, pilings provide accurate info on wind’s tidal impact
    August 20 at 6:00am
    A violet goby is a speckled trout favorite, and just might be the reason we have purple-colored lures. Keeping a close eye on what a trout throws up when you reel it in can give important clues on what it’s eating that day — and might ultimately help you catch more fish.

    Mystery baitfish revealed

    Keep an eye on what a trout throws up in your boat — it might help you catch more fish
    August 16 at 3:00pm
    Instead of putting out nets and simply letting them come to him, Josh Chauvin prefers targeting and hunting down jumbos by ‘sight-crabbing’ with a rod and reel in his 10-foot boat.

    Go ‘sight-crabbing’ to target monster blues

    Instead of letting tasty crustaceans come to you, go after big crabs this way
    August 16 at 6:00am
    Rod socks (left) and hook bonnets are an easy and relatively <br />
inexpensive way to prevent your rods and reels from becoming a tangled mess. TIP: You can modify a hook bonnet with scissors to accommodate the treble on your rod’s hook keeper to keep things even more tangle-free.

    Keep your tackle tangle-free

    Hook bonnets and rod socks are easy fixes for a frustrating problem
    August 15 at 6:00am
    Mississippi’s red snapper season will close Friday, weeks before its scheduled Sept. 3 end. State marine officials say the quota will be met before the weekend.

    Snapper season to end Friday

    DMR says fishermen will reach quota before weekend
    August 14 at 4:45pm
    The tip of this swimbait hook lies just beneath the surface of the soft plastic lure, allowing it to run through grass without getting snagged.

    How to skin-hook a soft plastic lure

    Simple tip keeps your rig weedless
    July 19 at 10:00am
    Recon Marines use the GOTWA technique to keep the team informed on each other’s whereabouts. You can use it to let others know about your fishing plans — and what to do if you don’t return.

    Use ‘GOTWA’ to develop a game plan on the water

    Inform others when you’ll be returning — and what to do if you don’t
    July 19 at 7:00am
    Chas Champagne with Matrix Shad always keeps a close eye out for snot grass like this, because he typically finds redfish in the area.

    Sight-fishing support

    Stingrays, snot grass dead giveaways redfish are nearby
    July 18 at 7:00am
    Berkley’s 5-inch Grass Pig, shown here in swamp gas color, is a heavy soft plastic lure with lots of action that Devin Denman finds especially effective when targeting redfish.

    A killer redfish swimbait

    Berkley’s 5-inch Grass Pig gets it done
    July 17 at 7:00am