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    This doe limit reduction is significant since it ends nearly a half-century of how the agency has approached deer management.

    Doe limit reduction finalized

    June 22 at 11:00am
    Applications are now being accepted for Mississippi's 2017 alligator season in August and September. Wannabe gator hunters have until June 7 to apply.

    It’s gator hunt application week

    Wannabe hunters have until June 7 to apply
    June 01 at 1:45pm
    William McKinley has been named Deer Program Coordinator by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

    McKinley new Deer Program Coordinator

    MDWFP white-tail biologist moves into new leadership role
    May 23 at 2:40pm
    Trey Graham and dog Leo with three squirrels they killed after they treed seven.

    Spring squirrels, take 3

    May 12 at 6:00am
    Mississippi duck hunters, like Austin Partridge, will have maximum opportunity again in the 2017-18 season, under a plan approved by the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

    Mississippi duck seasons announced

    Liberal framework allows maximum opportunity
    May 02 at 12:00pm
    To preserve a gobbler’s beautiful fan, take these three four steps. First, cut the fan from the turkey’s body. Get a board or piece of stiff cardboard and use your hand to spread out the fan to its full width.

    If you tag a gobbler, fan him out

    Turn a tom’s tail feathers into great trophy, conversation piece
    May 01 at 6:00am
    Mississippi hunters have enjoyed a liberal doe limit for several decades, but that could be changing in the 2017-18 season.

    Proposed rule change would cut doe harvest

    Commission would also create new deer management zones
    April 24 at 9:10am
    This big gator was an unwelcome visitor at a golf course home in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. last week.

    Alligator bulls way through screen door, relaxes on 2nd-story porch

    South Carolina family alarmed by what they thought was human intruder
    April 20 at 11:40am
    If you give up after a morning hunt, it’s likely you’re missing golden opportunities to score a gobbler.

    Don’t give up on afternoon turkeys

    Gobblers more likely to respond later in the day, hunting pro says
    April 12 at 6:00am
    The spread of wild hogs is one of the biggest concerns facing conservation officials in Mississippi and the country.

    MDWFP officers bust wild hog ring, arrest four

    Charges include importing, transporting and selling
    April 11 at 9:05am
    Amy Blaylock, a 10-year veteran biologist with the MDWFP, was named Wednesday to be the Director of Wildlife Resources.

    MDWFP names new wildlife resources director

    Blaylock becomes first woman biologist to take a lead role
    April 06 at 9:00am
    Russ Walsh returns to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks as head of the wildlife bureau.

    Walsh to head MDWFP wildlife bureau

    Biologist returns to agency from USFWS
    March 31 at 2:00pm