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After getting poked a few times with a rod tip and having its back rattled by trolling motor blades, an alligator about this size took the writer and his spinnerbait for a memorable ride at Eagle Lake. Surprise: Snag starts swimming off
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EAGLE LAKE — When I felt something hit my lure hard, instinctively, I set the hook.

What followed was comical, a bit sobering and never forgotten.

Fishing is always a mystery, as in the day of trolling for striped bass on Barnett Reservoir turned up this giant catfish. Fishing: We’ve got it, go get it
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Redfish, speckled trout, white trout, ground mullet, croaker, flounder, black tip shark and even a big ol’ blue crab.

Largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, bluegill, redear, green sunfish, goggle eye and long-eared sunfish.

Taylor Pratt of Canton strains to hold some of the bluegill that were biting on a trip with his grandfather on April 1. Bluegill, not chinquapins, were hot
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The moon’s reflection in the water was nearly full circle, which is why the plan was to find an active bed of redear bream, a.k.a. chinquapin or shellcracker.

With a full moon set on April 4, it will be a perfect day for the spring ritual of seeking redear — a.k.a. chinquapins or shellcrackers — on the bed. Spring panfish ritual
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For 25 years, it has been a spring ritual for one of my favorite fishing partners, Li’l Joe, and me. Sure, we may get together a few times earlier in the year and try to catch a hybrid or two, or maybe a bass and a crappie. 

Mississippi sportsmen and sportswomen, like writer Bobby Cleveland, have always been proud that they pay to support their hunting and fishing habits. He feels a bill that would abolish resident hunting and fishing licenses threatens the future of both sports in the Magnolia State. Senate Bill to end licenses dangerous
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Just when I thought I’d seen or heard it all ...

There’s a bill in the Mississippi Senate that if passed would abolish the requirement for resident hunting and fishing licenses.

Without a doubt, wearing orange has made hunting safer. Not wearing orange as required by law was a contributing factor in an accident in Franklin County on Friday that resulted in Mississippi's first hunting-related fatality this season. The ultimate responsibility lies with the hunter who mistook the victim for a deer. Hunter’s death puts focus on safety
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Mississippi’s first fatality of the 2014-15 hunting season serves as a perfect reminder of what can happen when people disregard two basic rules of hunter safety:

The immediate public reaction to this eagle being found a bloody mess was that it was a scumbag hunter who shot the eagle. Hunters get immediate blame for injured eagle
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It was easy to do, jumping to the conclusion that an unethical hunter had shot and injured a bald eagle, leaving it in such a poor, bloody condition that it couldn’t — or wouldn’t — fly.

Jeff Terry, right, enjoyed a great opening morning duck hunt near Eagle Lake, and has had limit hunts ever since. Ducks came south early, now headed north
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If ever a biblical verse has fit a hunting season, it is Job 1:21 and the start of the 2014 Mississippi Duck season.

When coated lightly with Jezebel Sauce and grilled over a hot fire, venison steaks take on a nice char while still producing the medium rare results sought with backstrap. The steaks can then be served with more sauce. Jezebel Sauce perfect for venison
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There are several tricks to serving venison to people who say they don’t like the taste, and getting them to savor it enough to demand more.

With so few stories of big bucks from the archery season, Bobby Cleveland thinks football is to blame. Kiel Higginbotham (left) and Brandon Dewease were hunting on a Thursday and not a Saturday when they took this buck. Fewer big bucks — blame football
1013 Views - Posted: November 19, 2014 at 10:30 am

After an obviously tough archery season, Mississippi biologists and hunters — not to mention the outdoor magazines and writers that love to share good deer stories — are wondering why there’s been a shortage of big buck reports.

Seeing deer is always a good thing, but great days in a stand don't always involve the wildlife outside its walls. Best day in deer stand? No doubt about it
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It was our last day in a deer stand together one hunting season. 

Anthony Denny caught the state record bass on New Year's Eve of 1992 at Natchez State Park. Did his 18.15-pounder raise the bar too far? Winter is lunker time
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It was a warm winter’s day, the last one of 1992 in fact, when Anthony Denny saw the telltale sign of a big bass making a feeding run on some shad in a cove on the lake at Natchez State Park.