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M-16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket M-16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket
15 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

The easy-to-use M-16 from Onyx packs U.S. Coast Guard-approved performance into a comfortable belt pack that’s ideal for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing and sailing. The M-16 belt pack inflates manually and instantly when needed and when not in use stows conveniently and compactly. The form-fitting belt pack has a 1-inch buckle and body belt as well as an attached D-ring for affixing accessories.

Star Tron Ring Clean + Star Tron Ring Clean +
14 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

Star Tron Ring Clean + works in all gas and diesel engines and improves fuel combustibility to keep engines clean and operating at peak performance levels. It removes existing carbon deposits while helping to prevent future deposits. This product is ideal for engines that idle for extended periods or are powered by ethanol-blended fuels.

Leupold VX-6 Leupold VX-6
36 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

With a powerful 6:1 zoom ratio, the Leupold VX-6 delivers crystal clear images from edge-to-edge throughout the entire magnification range. Featuring unsurpassed light transmission, uncompromising mechanical performance and unbeatable optical clarity, the VX-6 is undeniably as good as it gets.

Power Scrape All-Season Kit Power Scrape All-Season Kit
40 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

Tink’s new Power Scrape All-Season Scrape Kit is the perfect lure and dispenser system in one convenient value pack. It includes the trusted original Power Scrape Starter, the all-new Power Scrape Finisher and a Tink’s Scrape Bomb Dripper. Start the Power Scrape Starter up to one month prior to the rut and then switch to the new Power Scrape Finisher, which is enhanced with Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut estrous and buck secretions.

17 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

The WOW SAW, with its large 10-inch taper-ground hard chrome plated SK4 Japanese steel blade, is a cut above the rest. Whether it’s cleaning the yard for the winter, trimming back trees on the acreage or clearing shooting lanes for deer season, the curved WOW SAW will rip through wood with the help of strategically located slots that clear the cut of debris. The slots also keep the blade cool, which reduces sap and pitch build up.†

Decree HD Decree HD / Decree IC
19 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

With a 35-inch axle-to-axle and a 6 Ĺ-inch brace height, the Decree HD from PSE hits the sweet spot for the shooter who spends serious time on the hunt. Designed with PSE’s new 3D structural riser, 3rd Gen B.E.S.T. Grip and HD Cam, the Decree HD hits speeds of up to 342 fps with a smooth draw and 80% let-off.†

The 2015 PSE Dream Season Decree is fast and lethal at 355 fps, and thanks to PSE’s all-new Inertia Cam, the Decree delivers a comfortable draw, high let-off and solid back wall. Built on a 7075 forged aluminum riser, the Decree’s 3D structural design increases stability and rigidity, and its all-new 3rd Gen B.E.S.T. Grip makes shooting it comfortable.

Anglerís Tote Anglerís Tote
12 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

Fishermen can easily transport and store up to eight light-tackled rod and reel combos with the Angler’s Tote from MD Outdoor Specialties. It is a practical, affordable and convenient device that uses upper and lower clips to separate the rods and hold them in place. The system is sturdy and compact and fully rigged-out rods and reels are kept tangle-free when transported. When fully assembled, Angler’s Tote is 9 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 48 inches long. The flat base allows for upright storage when not in use.

Kingston Armory Kingston Armory
103 Views - Posted: August 01 at 7:00 am

Kingston Armory has created an exact replica of the M1 Garand in a .22 caliber file. This isn’t standard .22 that attempts to resemble military rifles; the sights are National Match Garand, which really takes this gun to a whole new level. The Kingston M1 also feature many new-production Garand parts, including stock fittings, gas blocks, sling swivels, etc. It’s the perfect gun for history buffs and shooting enthusiasts.†

Lethal Lethal
46 Views - Posted: August 01 at 7:00 am

Lethal has just produced a game changer in scent elimination technology by creating a product that every hunter has demanded for years, a scent free bug spray. This bug spray is more effective than DEET and has no scent. You can now sit in your blind or tree stand without getting eaten alive by all those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs while still being concealed.

The Bass Hopper The Bass Hopper
63 Views - Posted: August 01 at 7:00 am

The Bass Hopper is the widest pontoon in its class at 10 feet long and 54 inches wide. It weighs 150 pounds and is known for its stability. The two person pontoon from Southern Outdoor Technologies features swivel seats, tall side rails to help keep rods and equipment in check, two storage bag containers, molded in drink holders and transom gussetts for added strength. It is made of durable polyethylene construction and rated for up to 3.5 horsepower.

Farson Blade Farson Blade
38 Views - Posted: August 01 at 7:00 am

Fremont Knives continues to expand its product offerings with the Farson Blade, a more durable, one-of-a-kind knife that also has the functionality of a hatchet. The compact, lightweight and versatile Farson can be used to chop kindling, skin and process big game and even chop up your onions for dinner. It fits in your pack and could even save your life. The handle is wrapped with 550 paracord.†

Meopta Meopta
47 Views - Posted: August 01 at 7:00 am

When hunting in challenging low-light conditions, Meopta’s MeoPro optics deliver clear images when it matters most. Meopta’s Newest 1-inch MeoPro riflescopes include the 3-9x40, 3-9x40 R/M, 4.5-14x44 and 4.5-14x50 models with various reticle options. All feature Schott glass and Meopta’s advanced MeoBright lens coatings which give hunters a visible edge at dawn and dusk. Meopta’s new MeoPro HD binoculars feature advanced Fluoride HD optics and are available in 8x32, 10x32, 8x42 and 10x42 models. The 32’s are perfect for bow hunters desiring a compact and lightweight HD optic while the 42’s provide incredible brightness and resolution for rifle hunters wanting a full sized binocular. †