Deer Hunting

Massive buck taken in Monroe County

The stand on the Watkinses’ Monroe County property had produced a couple of 130-inch bucks last season, so it’s been popular with the family. So it was no surprise that Kenny Watkins decided to sit the stand – even though it was technically his father’s – when he arrived on the afternoon of Dec. 2. […]


Late is Great

Bob Mayo Jr. and I were resting on our horses following a December morning deer drive in the Bienville National Forest back in the early 1960s. Mayo’s pack of black-and-tans had just moved some deer south. We were trying to decide which way to ride to cut them off. […]


Now or Never

As the Magnolia State’s whitetail deer season enters the “fourth quarter,” many hunters are worn out and ready for a little rest. Some of us have been pursuing our hoofed quarry for the last three months, and many may be disgusted with the lack of results thus far. […]


Goin’ Deep

Easing along the cold, still waters of Albemarle Lake, Brad Taylor kept a close watch on his sonar unit, which was searching under the water in all directions. Most of the time, Taylor would be scanning the sonar for signs of bottom structure, brushpiles, stake beds or any other bottom clutter. […]


Deer Dynamics

The degree of hunting pressure, nutrition, buck-to-doe ratios, management, genetics and weather can influence not just the rut’s timing, but whitetail social interactions as well. Even so, by instinct, rutting bucks usually follow the same behavioral traits — even when immature bucks get in on the action. […]

Bass Fishing

Hawg County

As Sterling Jones worked his way across a shallow flat in Neshoba County Lake, he pitched his lure near a bush, and a lunker bass struck hard. The 6-pounder fought valiantly, but Jones was able to subdue him. After a brief photo session, Jones released the bass and continued fishing. […]

Inshore Fishing

Specks, reds still available in January

Anglers can catch plenty of good-sized speckled trout, redfish and an occasional flounder on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast after the bowl games have ended. To learn where to find them and how to catch them, we talked with Capt. Kyle Jarreau of Shore Thing Charters, who guides in the Biloxi Marsh out of Bay St. Louis. […]