Legal battle begins over side-scan technology

Anglers were blown away when Humminbird introduced their Side Imaging sonar, and Lowrance customers joined the clammor last year when that company released its StructureScan Imaging module. Now the company’s are locked in a legal battle over the right to sell the innovative technology.

The parent company of Humminbird electronic has filed suit claiming competitor Lowrance infringed on the company’s patent for side-scan technology, according to a news release. […]


Extreme Bird Hunting

I can remember as a young boy, looking up from behind my push mower on a hot, sweaty, summer day to see a ted-tailed hawk soaring high overhead. The scream of the redtail seemed to be made in mockery, as if she was saying, “Ha ha, look at you down there in the dirt and I am up here soaring in the breeze.” […]

As Big As they Grow

Cold crappie won’t hit crankbaits?

Let me tell you from first-hand experience the winter crappie pattern is on over at Chotard. Seems that every winter season on this beautiful, hidden-away crappie paradise located north of Vicksburg on the Mississippi River, there is a day or two where the fishing is so outstanding that it is hard to describe. […]


Deer Dynamics: Post-Rut

Exhaustion sets in, forcing the battle-scarred buck to seek refuge. An eye is wounded, and missing fur and cuts prevail all around its face and neck. Finally, the worn buck returns to an old bedding site. Here it beds down, and within minutes, the whitetail knocks out. […]