Deer Hunting

190-class buck downed before dogs released on Hatchapaloo Hunting Club

It was bitterly cold on the Jan. 9, and only five truckloads of Hatchapaloo Hunting Club members had shown up for a morning dog hunt. The hunters were riding the more than 30 miles of roads on the 7,000-acre Smith County lease looking for a likely place to release their dogs.

“We were just riding and trying to stay in the truck because it was so cold,” joked Gary Kennedy, known at the camp as “Festus Hagen.” […]

Deer Hunting

Canton archer gets second shot, connects on 160-class buck

Claudie Steen watched the nice 11-point ease into the bottleneck, and drew his bow as the animal approached his stand site. He had seen the deer earlier while trailing another deer he had arrowed, and now everything was falling in place.

At a mere 15 yards, the Canton hunter put his pin on the deer’s vitals and released the arrow. And felt his stomach churn as the animal ducked and quickly disappeared.

That was Jan. 31, 2010. […]

Deer Hunting

Persistence pays off with 170-inch Hinds County buck

Justin Bankston grew up a fanatical deer hunter, but about 12 years ago the Terry resident decided he just couldn’t afford to invest the time. So he became a part-timer, hunting here and there as his busy schedule allowed.

“Starting two businesses and starting a family, I sort of fell out of it,” Bankston said.

However, he realized last year it was time for his 8-year-old son to get involved in the sport, so he joined a Hinds County lease. He still didn’t plan on going full out, though – until he saw a trail-cam photo of a monster buck on the property. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Long-term effects of sedimentation

With an average annual rainfall of almost 60 inches, Mississippi is the third wettest state in the U.S. Much of that rain falls in late winter and early spring. While filling the rivers, streams and reservoirs that provide bountiful fisheries, the rains negatively affect fisheries by transporting erodible soils from the watershed into fishable waters. […]


What is your life worth?

A few issues back, we looked at emergency locator beacons that use the international search and rescue satellite system, and I mentioned that there is another choice, the SPOT satellite GPS messenger. While the EPIRBs and PLBs we looked at before communicate with U.S. and European emergency satellites, SPOT units use the commercial satellite network that supports satellite telephone and Internet communication. And while EPIRBs and PLBs are last-resort devices to be used only in life-threatening emergencies, SPOT can send less-intense transmissions and handle other tasks as well. […]


It’s time to run rabbits

By every small-game hunter’s time clock, it is the rabbit-running time of year. Rabbit hunters know the woods and fields have settled down since the end of deer season. The only orange vests being worn now by most hunters across the state are out rabbit hunting. […]


De-Hog Your Deer Club

Ben Boteler was spending his Saturday afternoon in January the way he does most Saturdays. He was in a deer stand on his hunt club at Willow Break located near the town of Redmon in Southwest Mississippi. The 3,800-acre club borders the Yazoo River and offers prime habitat for big deer. […]