Deer Hunting

A 2011-12 guide to Mississippi’s public land deer hunting

There are many reasons to hunt public land in Mississippi. First and foremost, it should be because the hunting is very good, no matter if you are a trophy hunter or just hoping to put some meat in the freezer. As leased land becomes more expensive and the economy remains sluggish, economics is becoming another contributing factor.

When I first hunted Kings Flat Hunting Club back in the 1970s, annual dues (to cover the lease and utilities) were $200 and a running deer dog. Today, the club requires members to pony up over $1,000 each, and dog hunting is not permitted. […]

Breaking News

Big-buck photo, video contests begin!

With deer season under way, there’s no better way to track your season than to post photos of your kills on the Big Buck photo and video contests.

Both contests, are free to all user and run from Oct. 1 through the end of deer season, provide users with opportunities to brag about their kills while competing for great prizes. […]

Bass Fishing

Study shows bass don’t move much

Like any other non-migratory critter, each largemouth bass has a home range, loosely defined as the area that the animal uses regularly in its quest for survival and reproduction each year. Lots of anglers assume that largemouth bass rove widely in their pursuit of food and oxygenated water.

While indeed, evidence exists that young school-size bass do move extensive distances, particularly in open reservoirs, most of the time bass just don’t go that far. As hard as it is for fishermen to admit, a lot of times when they can’t buy a bite, the fish haven’t left the area. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Of fish and frustration: The flood of 2011

May 2011 will not be forgotten by anyone connected with the Mississippi River. While a few historians claim the lower Mississippi River has been higher, the 2011 flood set a new high-water record on the Vicksburg gauge, and was just inches shy of record highs on the Greenville and Memphis gauges. The social and economic damage were huge. […]


DMR coastal art contest announced

In an effort to generate an interest in Mississippi’s coastal resources and promote the awareness of their value, the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources is holding its 11th annual student art contest for third- through sixth-graders in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties.

Winning entries will be featured in the DMR’s 2012 Marine Information Calendar, and the original artwork will be on public display. […]


Totin’ tools; Plan ahead for unexpected

When I was a kid back, my mom owned the local auto parts store with a full stock of hand tools. Every spring the farmers would file in the door to buy their annual restock of tools, which were lost or otherwise misplaced from the season before. This was an annual event in our store. It was proof, of course, of how valuable a good complete set of tools was. It still is today. […]