Locating those pesky breakers and fuses

The first thing that springs to mind when an electrical accessory stops working is a blown fuse or popped circuit breaker. In a new boat this usually means pressing the circuit breaker button next to the accessory’s switch or popping the cover off a box near the console and checking the fuse or breaker that protects the now powerless accessory.In the case of a used boat, especially if it has passed through several owners, this could be the start of an Easter egg hunt… […]

Deer of the Year

Eight-year-old takes down Tate County legend

In Independence, a small unincorporated town in Tate County in Northwest Mississippi, one buck has been the talk of the community and the obsession of its deer hunters for three years.

They even gave the odd 10-point a nickname, Hercules, or Herc for short.

“Pretty much all of Independence knew about Herc,” Jody Freeman said. “He was legend and about half the hunters and landowners up here have been hunting him hard, very hard, for a long time. He was like a local celebrity.” […]


ThermaCELL Heated Insoles can keep your feet toasty while you’re outside during the winter

There is no longer an acceptable reason not to enjoy winter outdoor activities because of cold feet. Whether your favorite winter activity is fishing or hunting, a walk in the woods, or sitting in the bleachers at a football playoff game, ThermaCELL Heated Insoles are the solution that will transform how you spend time outdoors by keeping your feet toasty warm. […]